Emergency Group – “Venal Twin”

Centripetal Force is having a hell of a week around here. Following up on the news of the new Aaron Dooley LP on the way, the label lets out word of a new recording from RSTB faves Emergency Group. The band’s last tape for Island House was an incandescent mix of jazz psych with exploratory impulses, freely scraping at electric Miles and ‘70s Herbie. The new record, recorded at M5 in Brooklyn, pulls from the same well. As the label notes, “it’s a bit of an evil twin to the works on Inspection of Cruelty.” There’s certainly a darkness to first cut “Venal Twin.” The track writhes with a restless energy, twisted and sinewy as ever. The record should tide you over in the run up to the band’s forthcoming album recorded this year with Chris Schlarb at Big Ego. Venal Twin is just what the colder months ordered — a jolt to the system to get the blood flowing.

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