EggS – “Local Hero”


Super excited to see a second single from French outfit EggS today. The band’s pitch perfect indie pop has been bubbling over on a few great singles from the last couple of years and they’re ramping up to a debut on Prefect / Howlin’ Banana in November. “Local Hero” leaps out of the speakers with an exuberance, hinged on M/F vocal volleys, blistered jangles, and a splash of sax. The band’s been one of the most exciting French exports for some time and it’s great to see their debut shaping up into an unmissable entry for the end of the year. This is why you hold your year-end list accumulation until November skids to a close. The new record, A Glitter Year, is out November 4th.

Support the artist. Buy it HERE (UK) or HERE (US) or HERE (FR).

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