Edena Gardens – “Veil”


As I mentioned with the first single out of the new Edena Gardens, it’s a real nice surprise to have this band pounce back so quickly into new works. The group’s eponymous debut was a favorite from 2022, bringing together El Paraiso heavyweights from Causa Sui and Papir for into a lysergic juggernaut that warps space and time. The second single from the upcoming Agar, is the massive “Veil,” a twelve and a half minute crusher that submerges the listener in an aqueous cavern of sound, letting the liquid light of the guitars bounce around the headspace while the sheer weight of the rhythm section pulls us down further into the murky darkness. The band accompanies the cut with a video that reflects the song’s paralyzing hold, letting amorphous shapes spill over the mind. The new album is out April 7th from El Paraiso along with an accompanying volume that finds the band in the live setting, injecting a sense of dynamic momentum into their sound at Jaiyede Jazz festival 2022. Highly recommend picking up the pair!

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