DWLVS – “Every Star Is A Grain In Heat”

Truly some good fortune smiling down upon all of us this year, at least from a musical standpoint. Not only has a new Heavy Lidders album just landed, but today comes news that Dire Wolves/DWLVS/Dire Wolves (Just Exactly Perfect Sisters Band) has a new album on the way for Centripetal Force. The band had a nice trifecta in the ’19/’20/’21 run with albums for Beyond Beyond is Beyond (RIP), Centripetal Force, Feeding Tube, and Jeffrey’s own Pome Pome Tones. Now, the group returns with a new LP, recorded last year after the scattered members finally made their way back to one another after years of pandemic made the convergence almost impossible. Still chasing the dragon of Trad Gras and Düül, the band tosses the listener into the deep end of the vortex on “Every Star Is A Grain In Heat,” a cosmic climb through wormholes and wonder that finds the band moving through space and into jazz-psych towards the end. The new album, Easy Portals, is out October 27th from Centripetal Force, Cardinal Fuzz, and Ramble Records.

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