Dunza – “Disowned”


This one surfaced a bit ago and I’ve been slow to get through to it. Dunza is an alter ego of James Jackson Toth (Wooden Wand, One Eleven Heavy) though here he eschews any traces of folk and Americana that might tie him back to his better known outfits. Dunza exists in the pre-dawn creep, a record of fogged psychedelics drenched in the soft panic that lives in the pit of the stomach. There’s an element of dub dragging through the songs, stretching the VHF hum of static into dark subconscious corners. The album’s opener, “Disowned,” has now been graced with a video, worked up by Jason Meager (formerly of Black Dirt Studios) and it’s a lovely accompaniment to the song’s spectral tape haunt. The album is out now, and highly recommended.

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