Ducks Ltd – “When You’re Outside”


A bonus cut from the sessions that brought forth Ducks Ltd’s last album Harm’s Way. The song didn’t wind up fitting into the Harm’s lineup, but still remains a jangled jewel that captures the same magic that was woven through the album. A relaxed softness inhabits the song, further pushed by guest harmonies from Julia Steiner (Ratboys) and Margaret McCarthy (Moontype). The cut curves through the speakers on strums and sways, but once the chorus hits, the swell of urgency that fed into a few of the singles from Harm’s Way return, with Tom McGreevy’s vocals soaring through the hooks. The band mentions that this was written during a period when they were contemplating a more country direction, which I’d honestly love to hear more of from the band. Maybe the next one will be the sauntered slice we deserve. The single is out now and Ducks Ltd, are headed out on tour in July.

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