Daniel Romano’s Outfit – “The Motions”


Over the course of the last year Daniel Romano has entered a new phase of prolificness, amassing the kind of run that’s to be lauded as much due to its sheer volume as to its quality. While there are albums in the ’20-21 jaunt that indulge certain genre passions, none feel like they don’t have Romano’s full heart behind them. As the records mounted in the last year the band has come into their own as well. Prior to 2020 The Outfit was formed and lit off the year with a live album that found them comfortable on stage, exploring Romano’s pre-pandemic work with new fire. The Outfit is just as much a part of the records as is Romano, and as some of the other albums shine at the edges, those dubbed as Outfit albums proper share a certain light to them.

Cobra Poems is the proper follow-up to How Ill Thy World Is Ordered, and there’s a feeling of The Outfit firming and forging on this one. While the well-oiled machine that is The Outfit all pursue the same pop paragon, its rare to see Romano not at the head of the beast. This makes the aura on “The Motions” all the more unique. Daniel steps back and lets bandmate Julianna Riolino take center stage here. She keeps the band’s windswept soul swaying, giving the song the same gravity and melancholy that anchors the rest of the album. It’s a song of perseverance through the numb necessities that drag us forward through the farce. Riolino proves she’s as captivating a presence as any in the bands and the essence of The Outfit glows like embers behind her. The new album is out September 10th from You’ve Changed.

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