Daniel Romano – “Field of Ruins”

There was a time when it was so hard to keep up with the releases flying out of the Daniel Romano camp, I thought I’d never catch up. It seemed like the band had and endless supply. The pace has slowed slightly in the last couple of years, but where the quantity has waned, the quality has stayed true. The band’s latest queues up for the Spring and it finds Romano and co. chewing on the spirit of rock with a renewed fury. “Field of Ruins” crushes through the consciousness with a hunger that captures the ‘00s rock revival. Dig up Kemado Records and get the motor runnin’ again, slap the Mooney Suzuki out of a two-day stupor and bump the White Stripes back down to the small rooms, because this feels like it would fit right in with the guitar gloss of bands chomping on R&B and rock’s roots and sleeping in days-old leathers. The new album, Too Hot To Sleep, arrives March 1st from the band’s longtime home at You’ve Changed Records.

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