Daisy Rickman – “Feed The Forest”


A deep cut of mossen folk from UK songwriter Daisy Rickman this week. The first cut from Rickman’s upcoming LP, Howl, “Feed The Forest,” finds her deep in meditative form, letting the song run circular forms around the listener. Creeping into view on cavernous vocals, bouncing from speaker to speaker, the song opens up into strums with Rickman continuing to singe a hypnotic, pastoral image into the listener’s consciousness. It should take little more than the fact that Weird Walk zine has issued a special edition of the record to convince you that this one’s worth getting on the radar. The mag has long found a connection between the mystic, the meditative, and the musical over the years and this album seems a culmination of the aesthetic. The new album, Howl, an ode to the sun, is out March 20th.

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