Cable Ties – Cable Ties 7″


There are a lot of sounds emanating from the South Hemi these days from throwback Flying Nun jangle, psych to garage and even a smattering of goth post-punk here an there. So far though Riot Grrrl hasn’t’t really been a term I’d have properly affixed to anything coming out of those parts, but I’ll be damned if that isn’t the vein that Cable Ties is tapping into. Maybe its more proto-Riot Grrrl If anything. Cable ties are tearing into an X-Ray Spex brand of post-punk that’s packed with gnashed teeth and crushed gravel. The searing voice of Jenny McKechnie is pretty much the only weapon they need in their arsenal, but the band backing her up isn’t slacking on her ferocity alone. Lead cut “Same for Me” is a total burner, pushing the taught punk song into a longer groove without ever feeling like any less of a kick to the temples. The flip, “Walking Out” shortens the reins and keeps that fevered feeling burning under the skin, amping up the intensity, if anything. If this is just the first taste from the band then I gotta say, I’m hooked and very ready for more.

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