Brower – “Where is The Magic b/w The Rainbow and More”


A few more morsels are slipping out before the holidays come and skid 2022 to a stop. Perennial favorite Wick records, the rock arm of Daptone, have picked up an old power pop fave in Brower. The band has been churning out some hip-swung staples of the past few years, including their standout Buzzsaws for Dig! Records. The band has been a bit quiet since then, letting out an EP of covers and a Live album, but this week marks their debut release for Wick with two sides of glam-glossed power pop. The A-side fits in nicely with the works off of Buzzsaws, though they’ve moved to a looser feel, diving further into the thee Rs of power pop — Raspberries, Rundgren, and Rubinoos. The flip joins West Coast power pop contemporary Billy Tibbals with a bit of a dip into Sparks’ penchant for drama. Brower brings back another touch of that Rundgren and nods to ELO as well for the b-side. Fuzz and feathers drape over the lip of the piano as Nat Brower spins this silken cut under the stage lights. I’m eager to see if this means an album is on the way for 2023. From the start here, the band’s bound to work up something fun.

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