Billy Tibbals – “The World Revolves”

A good day for site favorites as Billy Tibbals lets loose another single from his upcoming EP, Nightlife Stories. Following on the glam vamp of “Burn Out!” this time Tibbals turns down the Sparks a touch, but still keeps his sense of swooning bravado. Throughout his last breathless EP and a one-off ripper for Curation Records, Tibbals has proven that he’s spent plenty of time rolling in the satin sheets of the ‘70s and he’s back with a new bout of platformed pout that’s more saturated than studied. The boy knows his moves, that’s for sure. The glam n’ gloss dipped power pop has been done, but its rarely this fun and rarely this catchy. Sail away on pounding pianos and falsetto hooks courtesy of Billy T. The new EP is out April 26th from Silver Arrow Records.

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