Beachwood Sparks – The Sandbox Sessions


A bit of a capper on the recent 20th anniversary reissue of Beachwood Sparks’ debut. The band has just released a triple single of unreleased tracks from the band’s classic 1999 lineup, buffed and cut to 12”. Dubbed the Sandbox Sessions, after the studio they were recorded at in LA, the three tracks fit in nicely with the singles and b-sides that made up the bonus disc from the eponymous LP. A gorgeously sauntering “One Two Three, One Two Three” opens up the set, easing in before blossoming into an 7-min guitar burndown. “Time” shows off the band’s indelible harmonies, feeling quite like a lost moment that seems like it had to have been somewhere in the strands of the debut, especially considering how effortlessly it rolls out of the speakers. This one is a welcome unearthing for sure, a lost classic that’s now given a proper place. They slip out of view with a heartbroken alternate version of “Canyon Ride” that carries a hint of the haze that would gather for the Once We Were Trees sessions. This was an unexpected treat, but certainly a nice view into what made the classic Beachwood cuts magic.

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