Andrew Tuttle


This record has been creeping into the RSTB consciousness piece by piece, an ambient country charmer that’s hung on quiet mornings and cradled in still moments. The Australian picker has long been a favorite around here, collaborating with contemporaries Chuck Johnson and Padang Food Tigers over the years. While he’s built up a solid stash of albums, the works on Fleeting Adventures feel like Tuttle’s most complete statement yet. The record is patient and potent, stung with the kind of calm that washes over in waves. Johnson comes back round for this one, along with quite few other notable names, including Steve Gunn, Luke Schneider, Josh Kimbrough, and Balmorea. The album exists in the golden hour light, a verdant walk through the sunbeams and scents of summer.

Over shimmering drones, Tuttle’s guitar and banjo lay in resplendence, and the album a exudes a glow that spreads it from listener to listener. The pop-ins from friends gild his works, lifting his dirt road ramble into the clouds with cascades of pedal steel, cottony sax, and subtle violin. Tuttle’s always been a brilliant player, but Fleeing Adventures shows off his knack for composition, weaving achingly beautiful pieces that all fit into a patchwork of pleasantries, an antidote to the constant itch of our currant age.

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