Yuma Abe – “Omaemo”


Tokyo songwriter Yuma Abe pulled a couple of heavy recommendations just on the credits of his debut record alone. With a guitar contribution from former touring partner Devendra Banhart on first single, “Omaemo” and mixing from his mentor Haruomi Hosono, Abe has crafted a record that acts as a sort of hideaway from the world. With inspiration from Japanese ambient records (see that recent LITA Kankyo Ongaku comp for some inspiration) and Mort Garson’s natural vibrations, there’s a lot of comfort woven into the fibers of Fantasia. “Omaemo” wafts into the room on a mist of positivity, the kind of “dancing with yourself” song that’s made for private moments. There’s a contentedness to the song, aided by the sublime guitar work and Abe’s reclined vocal delivery. The record is out on his own Thaian June 30th and will have a physical edition later in the summer via new Light in the Attic distributed label Temporal Drift.

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