Woolen Men – “Brick Horizon”


Always a good day on the docket when there’s new music from Woolen Men to be had. The Portland band has spent their career bubbling just below the surface and threatening to break so let’s hope that their upcoming album for Dogs Table Recs give them a well-deserved spotlight. First peek into Post comes in the form of the wiry “Brick Horizon.” Built on a breathless beat and wrestling with their strings until every last bit of emotion is bashed from their fraught forms, the song is indie rock in the greatest sensed of the term. Still barreling down the road paved by their heroes The Wipers, the band picks up bits of Husker Du as well on this one. The song is as toughened and tight as they’ve ever sounded, giving good reason to be excited for their third full length to descend from the gods of angst and irreverence this Fall.

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