Weeping Bong Band


Massachusetts is pumping out some high-quality psych of late, with MV & EE constantly dispensing gems via their Child of Microtones label and, of course, Feeding Tube serving the needs of the warped and warbled soul in all of us. With an already commendable performance behind him in Wet Tuna, P.G. Six has taken up with members of Pigeons, Crystalline Roses and Viewer to form Weeping Bong Band. Not ones to waste an apt moniker, the band’s eponymous debut is perfect fodder for higher consciousness excursions and late-night fade outs into the ether. The record exists in a state of permanent 2AM Dead improvisations twisted through the soul of Brightblack Morning Light and doused in the blood of Fahey. The record is vibrating as an unconscious conduit to the astral plane, glowing like embers in holy fire. If J. Spacemen was taking drugs to make music to take drugs to then his likely heirs have all just formed a coven on the shores of the Connecticut River.

The band weaves primal moments of solitude and natural communion with an uneasiness that coalesces in the final track, “Jaume 1.” They strike a tentative accord between man and nature, feeling like kindred spirits with the mossy groves around them, but knowing they are intruders all the same. So it becomes that chemical consumption shifts the plane and the record drops the listener into a verdant cocoon of earthen menace. This is a record built for headphones, or speakers pushed to fill a room to the brink. Quiet and calm as it may be, Weeping Bong Band is a record that’s felt as light and heat and smell just as much as it taps on the eardrums. The band can be commended for breaking the fourth wall and taking us all along for the ride.

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