Weak Signal – “Best Friend”


Another one that snuck out on New Year’s Day and should find its way immediately into your arms. Weak Signal has quietly been releasing some of the heaviest hitters of the past few years with a round up of albums and EPs that combine gnashed-teeth tempos with sublimated sweat into the kind of pop songs that beat you up and then buy you a beer. Anchored by the muscular “Best Friend,” the new single melds Mike Bones’ bleach bath approach with a creeping darkness, knuckling in deep on the title track and then tightening the tie-downs on “Keep A Secret.” Feeling like a lost link to the Am Rep stable, the band banks one more essential single with this triple shot, an NY trade secret that’s been bubbling beneath the surface for far too long. Fading out with the almost too prescient “The Ruling Class (is Monstrous)” the set makes a nice companion piece to the recently reissued Bianca from last year.

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