Vanishing Twin – “Big Moonlight (Ookii Gekkou)”


Today’s practically packed with new music and I’m going to do my best to keep up. The always entrancing Vanishing Twin is back with a new album for Fire Recordings. The first single, “Big Moonlight (Ookii Gekkou)” dips into the band’s pool of influences, melding the rhythmic ripple of the German school with iced folk gems from The Free Design to Wendy & Bonnie. Like Broadcast and The Soundcarriers, the band creates a kind of alternate universe where all pop fell down a Radiophonic rabbit hole and never returned. The song retains the sense of mystery, whimsy, and slight tinge of menace that has always made the band one’s to watch out for. The accompanying claymation video only enhances the psychedelic drip of the song’s cavernous creep. The new record, also titled Ookii Gekkou is out October 15th from Fire.

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