Unknown Mortal Orchestra – “Not In Love We’re Just High”


Admittedly, I dug the first single from Unknown Mortal Orchestra’s upcoming Sex & Food, it broke with some of the expectations that were hanging in the air after the success of Multi-Love and served as headspin for fans demanding more of the same. However, seeing how the band’s Stevie Wonder trapped in technology aesthetic is kinda filling a niche that’s not stuffed these days, I can sympathize with the head scratching / clamoring for some new nuggets of indie-soul shuffle.

The second track from the new LP strikes a contrast to both “American Guilt’s” bomb-about-to-blow pop aesthetic and the smartwatch disco of tracks like “Can’t Keep Checking My Phone”. It’s subtle, subdued, but still satisfies the want to sink your teeth into some head nodding nougaty goodness. The track falls into that quiet cool vision of the band that I’ve always had a soft spot for with the downtempo simplicity of “Not In Love We’re Just High” landing on par with the trojan-horsed earworms of “Necessary Evil” or “Secret Xtians.” What’s going to be interesting is how these two polar drops fit together into one album. Having been intrigued with the first, I’m only more eager for the big picture following this second taste.

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