More great work out of the universe of Jan Anderzén, following on a great new Tomutonttu record earlier this year. Tuusanuuskat is a collaboration between Anderzén and Es member/Fonal honcho Sami Sänpäkkilä and the two artists’ worlds meld together into a skittering, experimental electronic wonderland. The name, Tuusanuuskat is a play on words in Finnish, meaning essentially “total shambles” and if that’s not a phrase that hits home these days, I’m not entirely sure what is. The duo picks apart melodies into a kind of glitching, thrumming sanctuary from the world at large – a respite for reflection and preparation. Not coincidentally the album name Toiminnan aattona means “On The Eve of Action”.

Then consider this album a loading zone for a week of shit that’s too complex and saddening to comprehend. Let the gentle lap of delicate cacophony wash over you before emerging into the hot sun of reality. Who can be blamed for wanting to hide in headphones while the world rots? And while that certainly can’t be a constant state of being, Tuusanuuskat have created an oddly meditative space that’s found a way to organize chaos into readiness. They muster noise into a centering force that leaves the listener ready for, if not action, at least a semblance of organization and calm. This is the album that we all need now, and probably in the months to come.

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