The Holy Family – “St. Anthony’s Fire”


The second cut from this upcoming Holy Family album deepens the psych-folk wounds that were opened on the first. With a psilocybin-soaked video, the song creeps into the consciousness on waves of color and smoke. The song was, as the band’s David Smith explains, “conceived and recorded in a mushroom field (somewhere) in England – ‘St. Anthony’s Fire’ sees our unraveling Mystery Tale radiating towards its peak of delirium.” While the mushrooms seem to find their way in to the theme here, the track actually tracks the psychosis and toxic waves of the disease from the title, an ergot-infected grain poisoning caused by toxic molds. The effects cause muscle spasms, fever and hallucinations and other distorted perceptions. It’s a dark journey into the horrors of the mind and back again. The band’s album is out July 2nd from Rocket Recordings.

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