The Bures Band – “Let In Outside”


Real excited to share another cut from what is quickly becoming one of my album’s of the year. The debut from The Bures Band follows on the excellent last solo album from Stephen Bailey (Mt. Mountain) and it picks up on that album’s themes of Cosmic Americana and West Coast psych. While the first two singles laid out the band’s vision pretty clearly, there may be no better encapsulation of the upcoming Birds Nest than “Let Outside In.” From the band’s layered harmonies to the touch of knotted twang and coastal calm, it finds the band divining their inner CSN, espousing the ideals of letting the sun into the house. The communal choruses and steady amble of the track instantly endear it to the listener and it’s a must for fans that have already had platters from Rose City Band, Mapache, Sean Thompson’s Weird Ears, and Color Green locked to the turntable. The album is already sold through in their native Australia, and in scant supply in the US, but you can still nab one from Echodelick if you jump on it. I highly recommend that route.

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