The Brights – “Enough of You”

The build up to this new album from The Brights has seen the band touch on quite a few excellent pop models, but the latest may well be the best single on the album. Opening up and embracing the illumination of of their name, the band swerves from some of the more languid strums of the album. “Enough of You” opens with some Supergrass-esque keys, feeling like they might be working towards a follow-up to “Alright!,” but they don’t quite swing that close to power pop. There’s still a sigh in the vocal delivery, parrying with the song’s energetic air. Sun-faded background vocals accompany the verses and the song becomes a study in contrasts — spring-loaded keys, weather-beaten guitars and that heavy, but lovely sigh. It’s the kind of single that works its way under the skin, humming through the veins for the rest of the day. The band’s new album, Oyster Rock!, is out December 1st from Meritorio.

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