The Black Twig Pickers – “Sheets of Rain, Streams of Sun”


Well this one snuck out a little while back, but its been a packed couple of weeks around here so who couldn’t use a little bluegrass pick-me-up today? The return of The Black Twig Pickers continues to be one of the great surprises and delights of the year and adding to the lovely feelings is a stop motion video from the band’s Sally Anne Morgan. Morgan had done similar videos for her solo record and I’m glad to see that its carrying over to the full band’s excellent new release as well. There’s something vernal about the new record and its embodied in the barn dance charms of “Sheets of Rain, Streams of Sun.” The new record, Friend’s Peace is out April 2nd and I’d highly recommend picking one up for the turntable if you’ve let that task lag until now. Banjos, fiddle, sunshine and a promise of green grass afternoons; what more could you want?

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