Terry – “Gold Duck”


An RSTB fave from the South Hemi rises up once more this week with a new single from the inimitable Terry. The band announces their fourth album with the slightly woozy new wave wobble of “Gold Duck,” a song that finds the longtime friends returning to their palette of stutter-step rhythms, pulsing keys and off-kilter guitars. The song’s a stinger, Al Montfort notes, “Gold Duck” is a song about how entitlement constrains change.” “Words are nice. Burn the flag,” he implores. Featuring members of Dick Diver, UV Race, Total Control, Primo!, and Constant Mongrel, the band has always had a sense of playfulness that balances their more cutting lyrics. That sensibility comes through in their joyful new album, and is sandwiched neatly between the bars of “Gold Duck.” The band’s upcoming album Call Me Terry is out April 14th from Upset The Rhythm and Anti-Fade.

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