Surveillance – “On My Way”

Thoroughly enjoying this new single out of Halifax outfit Surveillance. The band splits their sound between the silk sledgehammer of vocalist Rachel Fry and the more grunge splatter of Dave Burns. “On My Way,” fits into the former camp, swerving from the band’s run through the Fort Apache roster of sounds for something that’s just slightly askew from newcomers like Sweat. While they might not wrap the silk scarf of the ‘70s around them as readily as that outfit, there’s still something of a shadow of the decade’s excess as it bled into the early ‘80s. The meat of the band’s upcoming Less Than One, More Than Zero digs into a bit more grit, but the album cracks open with this windows-down power anthem that lets the heart soar while the guitars burn a bit of ozone on their way out of the amps. The new album is out November 4th from Celluloid Lunch.

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