Sunwatchers – “World People”

Always a highlight of any year, Sunwatchers return with a scorching new album for Trouble In Mind this fall. The first cut out of the cradle is the triumphant “World People,” a track that’s soars as much as it sears. Doused with the same mixture of psych, desert blues, and progressive jazz that’s been boiling in the band’s blood over the past few years, the song stretches a tether to their previous album, Oh Yeah?, while leading the listener into the rebellion and revelry that adorns Music is Victory Over Time. As usual Jeff Tobias’ sax clears the way, bounding out of the speakers with an unrestrained glee, sparring with Jim McHugh’s maze of guitar lines. The new album was the first to be fitted to tape in John Dwyers’ newly built Discount Mirrors studio, with Eric Bauer behind the controls, and it finds the band at their absolute best. I heard quite a few of these live over the summer, and the album is just the jumping off point for the band’s bite under the lights. The new record arrives November 10th from Trouble In Mind.

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