Sundays & Cybele – “Butterfly’s Dream”


Tokyo’s Sundays & Cybele have amassed a catalog of grand psych that feeds on the expressive and expansive psych their forefathers wrought before them. They tore down the house on Heaven and are rebuilding it out of scorched timbers with the first cut of their latest, Chaos & Systems. As always, a commendable move to just launch out with a 9+ minute track as the peek into a new release. It seems natural for S&C though, working out acid flecked guitar solos over most of the track and burning it down like they’re submitting a resume for an Acid Mother’s Temple opening slot with each successive lick. The track isn’t untethered though, its parsing through the cosmos and driven by a half ton of amp fry, but the ship their driving is sleek and silver and cut like a bullet. If the rest of Chaos & Systems is half as explosive as this, then its still going to melt a few minds when it hits.

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