Sunburned Hand of the Man – “Nimbus”


East Coast institution Sunburned Hand of the Man are ever changing, an infinite loop given legs, a multi-headed hydra that’s never the same in the room or on record. That said, the latest incarnation finds many of the band’s classic, original lineup back into the fold for an album that’s different from anything in their catalog and at the same time, somehow, a culmination of form. The band pairs here with Massachusetts poet Peter Gizzi on their latest album, Nimbus. The band’s John Moloney recalls how the collaboration came into fruition, “He happened to walk in as this was happening [the album recording], clenching the rolled-up manuscript of his then-unpublished book Fierce Elegy (Wesleyan University Press). He read his poem, “Nimbus,” over the sparse track we’d just recorded, and it worked. The whole record fell into place like a group art project — people coming in and out, adding, building, layering. There were no bounds and no bad ideas. It was really fun.” You can hear that title track below, a tone set for the rest of the album’s snaking psychedelics. Nimbus is out in the ether April 12th from Three Lobed.

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