Still House Plants – “no sleep deep risk”

This week sees UK trio Still House Plants back on the speakers, with a new album on the way this Spring. The band’s penchant for caustic post-punk and rusted angles has been tempered on the first single from If I Don’t Make It, I Love U, but that’s not to say that the band has lost any of their bite. “no sleep deep risk” ties loose knots around the listener, slipping and snagging in unexpected places, pushed along by the kinetic tumble of rhythms that seem a bit less lubricated than they have been in the past. As always, the vocals of Jess Hickie-Kallenbach grab the listener and pull them close, a beacon that cannot be ignored. The band’s evolution feels like it parallels UK compatriots Modern Nature. Both bands are currently exploring the boundaries of their sounds, deconstructing what’s driven them and putting it back together in darker and deeper tessellations. The new album crawls to the surface April 12th from UK collective/label bison.

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