Steady Sun – “Truth Is A Needle / To Lash Around”


While the soul half of the label will always garner the attention, Daptone’s rock Imprint, Wick, has long set itself up as a discerning voice for the less obvious choices. Their latest single comes from New York’s Steady Sun, a psych trio that jettisons heaviness and bombast for an aqueous brand of glimmering psychedelia. A-side “Truth is a Needle’ floats in a rotoscope haze, allowing the listener to get dizzy on the motion and the fumes from a fresh coat of brightly lacquered paint, layered in curled patterns. Dipped in a bit of soul-glo and threaded through the warm kaleidoscope for good measure, its only matched by the flip that leans heavier into the rhythm, letting the watery psych take a touch of fuzzed creosote into the mix. Excited to see where they spread from here. Wick has a habit of laying out standalone singles, but if this is the beginning of an ambitious LP for the label, I’m gonna keep an ear cocked.

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