SML – “Three Over Steel”

The excellent jazz singles continue this morning with a new one from SML, the new West Coast outfit that brings together bassist Anna Butterss (Makaya McCraven, Daniel Villarreal), synth-smith Jeremiah Chiu (Ariel Kalma), saxophonist Josh Johnson (Carlos Niño), percussionist Booker Stardrum (Lee Ranaldo, Patrick Shiroishi) and guitarist Gregory Uhlmann (Meg Duffy, Perfume Genius). The record, much like the excellent Jeff Parker album from 2022, chops and chews performances from the now legendary and lamentably missed Enfield Tennis Academy. Stardrum lays down an aggressive bedrock of percussion, slicing at the sensibilities of German Progressives while tipping into ‘70s funk. Uhlmann’s guitars scrape and gnaw at the senses and Johnson rides the revelry with a surfer’s skill. “Three Over Steel” tattoos itself into the psyche, prepping the listener for the band’s elemental debut, Small Medium Large. The new record is out June 28th from International Anthem.

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