Slift – “Unseen / The Real Unseen”

    I always wish that the exploration of the Sub Pop Singles Club was reflected more in their permanent roster, but it’s nice to see the indie giant raising up names that certainly wouldn’t cross the lips of the majority of their audience. This year’s batch includes some heady and unexpected offerings, including a scorcher of a single from Keiji Haino and this smoke and smolder prog stomper from French heavies Slift. The single takes a snapshot of what Slift have been doing in the longform and stretches it over two sides of the 7”. The A-side picks up a bonus cut from the UMMON sessions, a song that didn’t fit on the album but captures the same space-rock ripples that informed their last LP. The flip turns down the tumult on their Krautrock pulse, grappling with the ether and riding feedback like a wave through the room. Excited to see Slift get their due here.

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