Sky Burrow Tales – “Muscovite”

It’s a good day for strong debuts. Following an earlier romp through Italian psych, this one comes from Austrian duo Sky Burrow Tales. The hypnotic video matches the entrancing ache of lead single “Muscovite,” as the pair burrow deep into a quivering psychedelic hollow that’s touching on early aughts faves like Brightblack Mountain Light and Headdress. They ensconce themselves in the crevice between hurt and hope, but “Muscovite” lands on the lighter side, erring towards hope and laying a light foam of fuzzed guitar over chiming drones and a buried vocal laying low in the ether. The guitars yearn and sigh. There’s a dizzying froth the the track, but where others might disorient, the pair even their swirl out into bliss pretty quickly. The full album explores a few other emotional tributaries, but this morning it feels like we could all use a little levity and light. The upcoming album is out February 5th from Feathered Coyote. Get lost in the swirl of the video above.

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