Simon Joyner – “Tekamah”


Also packed into a crowded day last Friday, the news broke that a new Simon Joyner album is on the way. I couldn’t rush this one along with the deluge of other releases last week, needing a bit more time, as always, to let Joyner’s new works sink under the skin. Another summer country saunter, feeling on par with his last couple of records just off of the early inklings, Songs from a Stolen Guitar lays itself open — relaxed, but ruffled as with the best of Joyner’s works. On “Tekamah,” there’s a shredded fabric feel to the song. Joyner’s protagonist is beaten, retreated, a slash through the heart and a little dust in the wound. Joyner’s vulnerability is often one of his most endearing qualities, and the lump in the throat of “Tekamah’s” broken dreams shudders through the last notes as they drift on the late autumn air. Songs from a Stolen Guitar is out June 3rd on Grapefruit Records.

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