Screensaver – “Buy/Sell/Trade”


Got a brand new video full of synth-punk pummel today from Melbourne’s Screensaver. The band’s latest, Expressions of Interest, landed them in a split situation between Upset The Rhythm and Heavy Machinery earlier this month. With a heavy beatdown of electronic drums and nodding synth swirl that moves in motorik motion, the band’s “Buy/Sell/Trade” scrapes the curdled underside of the ‘80s underground. The foursome find themselves fermenting alongside newcomers like Ausmuteants, Future Punx, School Damage, and Smarts as part of an ever-expanding crop of retro-futurists channeling the dark desires of dance-riddled punk. The video swings back a few decades as well, reveling in VHS psychedelics and a UHF chyron clutter that matches the cut’s dark new wave nuances.

The band lends a bit of a hand here describing the vibe they’re going for, “The video concept is about language and visuals and how we as individuals inject meaning into both. The use of random words throughout the clip aims to stimulate a response in the viewer, the meaning of which is unique to each person processing the words and creating their own subjective context. The words are unrelated to the songs lyrics, but their meaning now tied to the song can suggest whatever the individual viewer chooses to conclude.

Videographer and multimedia artist Haiden Nettle dug deep into his collection of old science VHS tapes, gathering footage he felt most appropriate for the vibe of the track. Footage of the band was then layered on top and recorded to VHS tape through a video-mixer. Images and text from old copies of the obscure magazine Nexus were turned into rotating 3D objects that surround the band. The overall effect is a visual overload of colour and movement to accompany the synth-driven krautrock jammer that will make you think about the visual and sensory bombardment of life in the world today.” Expressions of Interest is out now, pick one up in your region of choice.

Support the artist. Buy it HERE or HERE.

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