RSTB Radio WGXC: January


It’s the first Crawl Out From the Fallout of the year, and even though the singles are sparse in the wee hours of 2024, there are plenty of new and old favorites to sprinkle into the show this month. Check out new singles from Muriel Grossman, Emmett Morris, Swimming Bell, David Nance, The Lemon Twigs, Ducks LTD, alongside plenty of classic favorites. The show can be streamed over at the archive at WGXC.

:: Tracklist ::

Warrington-Runcorn New Town Development Plan – Solid Foundations /// Gerycz Powers Rolin – Entrance /// London Odense Ensemble – Flodbio /// Muriel Grossman – Calm /// Dragoons – Endings Are Beginnings /// Goat – Behind the Plank (Levitation Session) /// Yasmin Williams – Hawksbill Summit /// Anona – Anona /// Julie Driscoll – Those That We Love /// Village of Spaces – Agnes of Rainbows /// Lee Baggett – All Star Day /// Emmett Morris – Take A Beat /// Cactus Lee – Caravan /// Swimming Bell 0 Fly Like an Eagle (Curtiss Maldoon Cover) /// David Nance – Mock The Hours /// The Essex Green – Mrs. Bean /// Peter Stringer-Hye – I Am The Stone /// Jonathan Rado – Farther Away /// The Glands – U R The Mountain /// The Evening Sons – Hey Hey (Let’s Get Lost) /// The Lemon Twigs – My Golden Years /// Blues Lawyer – True Love’s Only Name /// Permanent Green Light – Street Love /// Terror of the Deep – I Am Ocean /// Ducks Ltd. – Train Full of Gasoline /// The Maureens – Rainy Day /// The Motorcycle Boy – Trying To Be Kind /// The Reds, Pinks and Purples – There Must Be a Pill For This

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