Revelators Sound System – “Grieving”


I didn’t get in on the first single off this one, but the record has been creeping into my rotation lately and the opener “Grieving,” is one of the best of the bunch. Created by Hiss Golden Messenger’s MC Taylor along with bassist Cameron Ralston, the idea is to blend dub, funk, and spiritual jazz into a kind of cosmic solidarity. From the heady grooves of “Grieving,” the band is achieving that goal. The duo themselves tip the song as “imagining a rhythmic meeting of The Meters, post-Bitches Brew Miles and Can” that also embraces the dub aesthetics and elastic breakdowns of Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry. I don’t think I can sell you much harder than that. The song swirls about the speakers with an insistent itch under the groove that blooms into a battle back and forth between tumbling drums, clavinet, and burlap-scratched sax. The pair’s debut, Revelators is out June 17th from 37d03d. I recommend getting deep into this one.

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