Raoul Eden – ” Dans la Fièvre des Rivières Fraîches”

The tapes from Scissor Tail are always a lovely sight to behold. Set in small boxes, hand letterpressed cases with gold ink, the newest release from the label highlights the work of French guitarist Raoul Eden. With an ear towards influences from Middle Eastern folk, raga, Turareg Blues and Western fingerstyle guitar, the record is a dizzying odyssey of strings. Recorded in the French hillside, the album feels untethered from weight, skipping from rocks to clouds with a lightness that’s fleeting but incredibly welcome. It may be parched and grey across much of the Northern Hemisphere these days, but there’s no reason not to slip into the solitude and sunlight of Eden’s upcoming Anima. The record arrives February 15th from Scissor Tail. You can listen in on a few of the tracks right now, and get a feel for the kind of warmth that Eden exudes.

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