Houston based producer Rabit was folded into the Tri Angle roster with his EP Baptizm. The EP, along with his previous run of singles felt like a perfect match for the label’s band of otherworldly echoes.The label has always seemed like a beam in from a colder dimension, acerbic and mechanical but on the edge of whatever algorithm determines taste. That ethos and aesthetic envelop Communion, an album wrought with tension, like an organism coming to grips with itself from the inside out.

Slashed with noise and ballooning with dub bubbles that buoy R&B shards dismantled by remnants of techno; this feels like the haunted kin of drill n’ bass shot forward 60 years into the future and preferred as a daily soundtrack by inhabitants of some floating wasteland scrapyard. Which is to say it’s a perfect reflection of the political, sexual and social undercurrents that are all claimed as influences. It’s the seams of this world leaking into the next and for that we can all be grateful. This deserves volume, neighbor alienating volume and lots of it. So go work out some issues and make a few enemies who share your walls.


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