A shift from the usual ragged indie of the Aussie underground, Pregnancy is wrapped in a clipped urgency perpetuated by shards of post-punk guitar, broken-leg disco snare and the muted blare of distant horns. The band’s members pull roots in Ciggie Witch, Totally Mild and The Ocean Party, but they leave the more laconic territory of those names behind. Urgency lives up to its name for the most part, pounding breathless through a ten-piece of post-punk’s darkened corners. Though, they get some extra points for not just biting off the tension via rubber-band bass aesthetics.

What gives the album the upgrade is a focus on atmospheres – pinprick guitar lines are shot forward in bas relief when the background is full of synth fog and streaked with neon tones that splashed across in a gossamer glow. They avoid the early aughts’ tendency to take post-punk’s angles and throw them into twisted metal spotlights. Their approach is much more soft-focus, learning a lesson or two from shoegaze, but never going full-stop with the fog machine. Pregnancy’s less is more approach to a genre that’s sometimes wrought with drama makes them welcomed newcomers to an overcrowded scene.

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