Powers/Pulice/Rolin – “Wind Whirl”


This is a record that’s sold on me before a note ever escapes the speakers. Bringing together three faves from over the last few years, the trio combines Powers/Rolin Duo with the downy comforts of Cole Pulice’s sax. The latter has been on a particular tear lately, with a just-released solo record that’s as affecting as anything in their catalog and a particular penchant for collaborations over the last few years that bring out the best in all parties. Powers and Rolin haven’t shied away from finding themselves in good company either, just a day out from a review here that finds them collaborating with Joseph Allred and a 2021highlight that finds them in good company with constant foil Jayson Gerycz (Cloud Nothings).

Pulice’s work takes on a bit of an edge here, less soft-focus than they’ve been on collaborations in the past. The edges of “Hidden Nook” in particular snag at the soul quite a bit. But when all strings are shimmering and Pulice’s notes begin to fall like snow, the album feels comforting, a sanguine sigh, a peek behind the cosmic curtain. “Magic Meadow Mirror” is one of the shorter moments on the record, but it captures the alchemy that the trio achieve so well before the set ends in the towering, transformational “
Wind Whirl,” washing over in wave upon wave of blissful oblivion. Prism was surprise announced yesterday and available in full now from cached media.

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