Old Million Eye – “Longer Light”


Catching up on a few that slipped through the cracks last Friday. Just because the Bandcamp Friday is gone, that doesn’t mean its not a good reason to support some great artists. This one comes from a favorite of the site, Brian Lucas. Lucas is a member of DWLVS and has also found himself among the ranks of 43 Odes, Mizra, and Angel Archer. His solo endeavor as Old Million Eye has already been a staple around here and its good to see that following a new Wolves outing last year, there’s a new OME record on the way this year. The upcoming Quartz Hive features plenty of familiar names with Jem Fanvu (Vacant Gardens), Stephen R. Smith (Hala Strana), Zekarias Thompson, Sheila Bosco (DWLVS, Angel Archer) and more entering into the mix. The first cut from the album, the twilight creep of “Longer Light,” finds Brian gathering mists among swirling incantations and radiant sax. Hoping that Brian follows the trail this one cuts and dives deeper into the foggy murk on the record. The new album is out February 23rd from Feeding Tube.

Support the artist. Buy it HERE.

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