New West to issue 11-LP Acetone Box Set


Pretty excited for this news, as just a little while back I’d done a piece in my Necessary Repress series extolling the virtues of Acetone’s If You Only Knew, an album that’s long since eluded its due praise, while also never getting an LP pressing. Well, the folks over at New West have done quite a bit better than just getting that album onto the shelves. The label is gearing up for an 11-LP box set, comprised of the band’s full history with liner notes by J Spaceman of Spiritualized/Spacemen 3 and Drew Daniel of Matmos.

To cannibalize my own exploration of their lost masterpiece, the band is constantly circled by a smoke ring of aloof detachment. With a jazz tone and and downer rock heart, the band encapsulates the wounded air of the mid ‘90s and an underground ripple of experimentation that wasn’t always breaking through the surface. The new collection culls 8 new recordings that haven’t hit air before, and you can stream the demo version of “No Need To Swim” below along with a video exploring the full package. The band’s discography is impeccable and this, while no doubt a pricey haul, is certainly an indispensable document of one of the era’s best. If the whole set’s not in your budget, the label will also offer up individual LPs for sale as well. I’m Still Waiting is out November 11th from New West.


Acetone EP:

1. I’m Gone 

2. For A Few Dollars More

3. D.F.B
4. Cindy


1. Come On
2. Pinch
3. Sundown
4. Chills
5. Endless Summer
6. Louise
7. Don’t Cry
8. No Need Swim
9. Barefoot On Sunday

I Guess I Would:

1. Juanita
2. The Late John Garfield Blues
3. I Guess I Would
4. Sometimes You Just Can’t Win
5. All For The Love Of A Girl
6. How Sweet I Roamed
7. Border Lord

If You Only Knew :

1. If You Only Knew
2. I Don’t Really Care
3. In The Light
4. I’ve Enjoyed As Much Of This As I Can Stand
5. The Final Say
6. When You’re Gone
7. Hound Dog
8. 99
9. What I See
10. Nothing At All
11. Esque
12. Always Late

Acetone LP:

1. Every Kiss
2. All The Time
3. Germs
4. Might As Well
5. Shobud
6. All You Know
7. Good Life
8. Dee
9. Waltz
10. Another Minute
11. So Slow
12. Chew

York Blvd.:

1. Things Are Gonna Be Alright
2. Wonderful World
3. 19
4. Vibrato
5. Like I Told Yoou
6. It’s A Lie
7. Bonds
8. One Drop
9. Vaccination
10. Stray

Prime Cuts:

1. O.I.E (If You Only Knew outtake)
2. Shaker (York Blvd. outtake) *
3. Nobody Home (demo) *
4. Vibrato (demo) *
5. Nothing At All (live on CJAM 99.1 FM) *
6. No Need Swim (demo) *
7. Cindy (live at the Lizard Lounge, Cambridge, Massachusetts, May 30, 1998) *
8. York Blvd. (rehearsal tape) *
9. She Belongs To Me (rehearsal tape) *

* previously unreleased

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