MV & EE – “Free Range”


After some hints and build up on this one in the past few weeks, there’s finally some new music to share. After a few years away from the all seeing eye, MV & EE return to the molten vortex of sound that’s come to encompass the pair’s aural orbit of late. Aside from a bounty of live recordings over the past few years, the pair last came together on 202’s Cap Trips, a release that hints at what’s to come on Green Ark. If you’ve seen Wet Tuna in the intervening years, you’ll know that the band’s boundaries have become blurred with MV & EE. Following the exit of Pat Gubler, Erika has come into the fold as the ambient anchor to the band’s deluge of psychedelic dub, pushing the band’s sound into deeper chasms of sound. Green Ark feels like an extension of the live Tuna, a band apart, but also vibrating on the same cosmic thrum.

“Free Range” launches itself into the same syrup that surrounds the Tuna, though there’s a glowing light of Rag weaving its way through the nearly twenty-minute body high boundaries of the album opener. Around the five minute mark the band locks into a rust n’ rumble groove that laps at the listener in waves. I love a longform dive into any album and from the outset, Green Ark doesn’t hold back any ether. The new album is out April 7th from Ramble Records / Child of Microtones.

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