MV & EE – “Feel Alright”


Word comes down that Matt Valentine and Erika Elder are back in business (they never really stop though right? 60 cd-rs and counting?) and there lies imminent a proper release for Woodsist. The first cut is amiably low key and decidedly running down the gauzier lines of their output. No Golden or Bummer Road in sight here, just the duo relishing in the soft glow of afternoon sun and strumming without worry. The band’s dreamy glow is captured perfectly in a similarly loose clip of the couple wandering the woods around their house with their daughter, directed by Galaxie 500’s Naiomi Yang. Though the band floated in on raft of psych-folk fodder but they’ve tested the time and proven themselves to be an insular unit of good vibes, eking out albums that come packed with the smell of rotting logs, moss and leaves. They’re living the woodland folklore to its core and this one proves it.

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