Mt. Mountain


With the arrival of Mt. Mountain’s fourth album we dive into another densely built world of vertiginous soundscapes. With a bedrock of propulsive rhythm, locked and launching them towards a blissful plateau, the band continues to stretch out further into psychedelic oblivion. Mt. Mountain’s sound has long lifted from jazz extensions and jam tributaries, and both come to a head on the ambitious Centre, with tracks winding towards the seven minute mark, connecting into a dissection of faith and spiritual drought. With a tendency towards more lysergic liquidity than they have in the past, the record gets lost in the incense swirl of its instrumental interplay. Albums like Dust were appropriately desolate, but with Centre the band works towards a more verdant territory, wrapping a newly doused guitar sound around the tangle of rhythm and yawning oceans of synth.

Even the vocals this time get a bit of steam in them, seeming to float in the cirrus above the record, swimming back towards the terra while fighting the heady haze. Feels like the band has been absorbing a good dose of Kikagaku Moyo’s House In The Tall Grass and Moon Duo’s softer side of Occult Architecture. They’re siphoning the same damp vibes of both records while exploring the bounds of their own eclectic float. The band hasn’t sounded this free for quite some time, and the looser sound does them well. If, perhaps, you’ve stopped by the band’s corner of the progressive prairie before and have been left wanting, come back for another wander. This one gets its hooks into you.

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