Mozes and the Firstborn – “Hello”


I’ve long had a soft spot for Dutch punks Mozes and the Firstborn. The band has shifted from a roughshod garage gutted power pop into the spit-shined vision of the genre that was draped over the late ’90s. The genre reared its head from the airwaves to every teen soundtrack that defined an aimless suburban childhood and Mozes is proving they’ve studied the deep bench players. The band has taken to a single series lately and the first couple of entries had their promise but they find their footing on “Hello,” a highlighter bright and hazy vision of wobbly pop that’s got its cardigan pulled as tight as the laces on its One Stars. The track hovers in that rare air of the ’90s that was somehow ripped, scuffed and ragged, yet slick and glossy as a new coat of wax on the board. Never sure if these are building to a new LP down the road or just getting the air out of the hose in the mean time, but this one hits hard enough to stick and begs a few more repeat plays than is probably healthy.

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