Moody Beaches – “Weird Friends”


Following up their inclusion in the excellent Poison City / Our Golden Friend split singles series, Moody Beaches stretch out into two sides with their new single “Weird Friends”. While the flip snags “Guns,” from their debut split, the a-side sees them take a tough rumble through muscular punk, pinned to a menacing bass line but softening the corners with their swooning harmonies. Like labelmates Mod Con they aren’t glossing up their hooks, but rather burrowing deep into the grind of menace, snapping off tension like The Breeders, Green River or L7 before them.

Its the b-side that still steals the show here, though – built on rusted springs and smashing its hooks into the walls with gleeful abandon and gnashed teeth. That first taste is still the most addictive but it pairs well with the slower burn of “Weird Friends.” Its a tease of single – a two shot from a band that feels like its more suited to the long play slow burn than the flash paper dazzle of the short format. Hopefully they’ll build off of these two and dig their heels in for an album that seethes with a full measure of rat trap tension and explosive catharsis.

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